It’s touring time again and this year I’ll be riding the Alps and Pyrenees on a F800GS instead of my now retired R1150RT. And with the F800GS as this years war-horse I was forced to choose a new set of tyres. Continue Reading »


I’ve recently asked myself that very same question and to be honest I did not like the answer! Continue Reading »

The Pyrenees 2012, Day 3

The next morning I wake at dawn feeling refreshed and still elated from the pervious day so I’m back on the road by 7am. I had no real plan for my last day in the Pyrenees as I wanted to leave one day as a wild card, but the landlady at the hotel Les Bains de Secours had recommended a run up Col de la Pierre St. Martin so I had at least a general plan. Continue Reading »

The Pyrenees 2012, Day 2

The next morning I wake up with the strangest feeling that I’m not alone and I sit up to find a squirrel gobbling my nuts! I’d left the window open and a bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit on the window sill. A rather unlikely event I’d agree, but I’m in the Chalet le Chapeau Bleu in St Beat, a biker friendly Chalet/B&B surrounded by ancient woodland, where’s my air rifle when I need it, bugger! Continue Reading »

The Pyrenees 2012, Day 1

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