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Thursday, 20 May 2010

A difficult day as I lost a screw on the GPS holding bracket so the GPS got a knock and somehow lost the maps I loaded for the route into Italy with the result being I had to use the old fashioned way of navigation. After more then a few wrong turns I managed to find my way through stunning scenery up into Switzerland where I immediately got skinned by Swiss customs for 30 Euro. What for? Well in Switzerland you need to buy a 30Euro sticker to use their motorways, and in some ways it’s probably a better system as you don’t have to keep stopping at toll booths, it’s a 1 off payment.

I hadn’t been in Switzerland in many years and I forgot how dangerous it is to drive there, its so hard to keep your eyes on the road as the mountains on every side climb to incredibly imposable heights, you cant help but stare until you realise your about to barrel into the back of a bus. The motorway round lac Lausane has magnificent views which brings you up to the St. Bernard Pass and the route into Italy where I headed into the Aosta Valley and Breuil Cervenia, home of Mont Cervinia (The Matterhorn)

After a long 10 hours on the road I eventually found my destination, a little pizzeria with rooms above hidden in the Matterhorn valley in the hillside town of Torgnon. And what a wonderful place it is to stay, the restaurant called Jour et Nuit is a wonderfully rustic wooden mountain building, the pizzas are excellent and I should know as I spent 12 years as a chef. My room in the mountain style hints of wood smoke and overlooks a deep valley with insanely beautiful views of village spotted, forested mountains with snowy peaks with the tip of the Matterhorn 30 km away.


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